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Is AboutMe Introduction I'm doing this page because I'm feeling a bit bored right now. It will probably remain unfinished , so references to my age will not increment. In my opinion this is a good thing and the concept should be applied to reality. Anyway, if you are feeling bored like I am and want something to pass a few minutes, please read on.

Who I am I'm Chris Looker, nice to meet you. I'm 44 years old (17-Jan-2005) father of 3 beautiful daughters. I live in a Place called Southend On Sea which is in Essex, with my loving partner Tricia and our daughters, Essex is in the south/east of the United Kingdom. Southend is around 33 miles east of London.A beautiful part of the country laying next to the River Thames Southend On Sea is known as a seaside town.I love to go walking along the estuary , especially when something has gone wrong and I want to be alone with my thoughts for a while.

What I do This is a really tough question to answer. Try asking yourself and you will see what I mean. Just goes to show how easy it is to let life pass you by if you don't keep an eye on it. In terms of employment, I work at many things my favourite is a casual at Southend Theatres ,roughly speaking is means I could be doing any thing connected to the running of a show.By trade Im a genural builder/carpenter but have spent time as a stage carpenter and a set builder.I don't advocate doing any job unless it's fun boy do I have fun at work.

Hobbies For pleasure, I have a couple of pastimes. Drinking beer :) When not drinking, I can be found sat in my office under the stairs in front of a computer. To date I have 3 of them in here which means it's hot in here, pass me a beer. Let's make it clear I don't play computer games, I'm crap at them and can never remember what button to push next .My love of commuters is making them breaking them seeing how far I can push them,and setting up different services for other or myself to use.I use a number of pseudonyms in Cyberspace as I like the feeling of pseudonymous.

My current personal project is my home server which most of this site is hosted on.I have various ways that I enjoy spending my free time, such as spending it with my family,couch potatoeing watching VCD's.This is not all I do of course; Iím always open to a new hobby or adventure if the idea is interesting enough I like to keep my future plans open, because one never knows when or where a good opportunity will present itself..

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Old age and treachery... ...will overcome youth and skill.
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